George Harvalias

Dexion structures, (from the "Eniac" series). 1993 - 94
Metal shelving modules, bolts, variable dimensions
EUROPA, States – pillows, 1993 - 94
Triptych, 2.15 x 3.90 m
Print on three Navy-issue blankets
Enterprise aircraft carrier, 2007
Diptych, 2.15m x 2.60m
Print on two Navy - issue blankets
Pillows, transitional Objects, (from the "Inhale - Exhale" series), 1993 - 94
Print on a Navy-issue blanket, 2.15 x 1.30m
"Exercises in House Economics", installation 2003
Sections of settee models, 24 modules, scale 1:1
Latex foam, upholstery, synthetic leather
Variable dimensions
Two baby prams, (from the "Collateral Damage" series), 2007
Sculpted models of prams for casting, plaster, graphite patina, Scale 1:1

Born in Athens in 1956. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts under professor D. Kokkinidis (1976–1983). He is Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts and was the school’s Rector from 2010– 2014.
Solo exhibitions: Batagianni Gallery-Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens 2009, AD Gallery, Athens 2005, ARTIO Gallery, Athens 2003, 1999, 1995, 1993, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens 1991, POLYPLANO Art Gallery, Athens 1985.
Group exhibitions (selection): Athens Cultur- al Capital of Europe, Athens 1985, 2nd Biennale of Young Artists of the European Mediterranean, 1986, “Antipodes, Young Greek Artists,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Melbourne 1987, 16th Biennale of Alexandria, 1987, “Kunst-Europa,” Staatlichen Kunsthalle, Berlin 1991, “Pro Patria,” House of Cyprus, Athens 1995, “Greek Realities,” Sti ung Neue Kultur – Galerie im Marstall, Berlin 1996, “Greek Realities,” Kunsthalle Brandts Klaedefabrik – Odense, Denmark 1997, Montrouge–Athènes, 42e Salon d’Art Contemporain, France 1997, “Outbreaks of Gaze,” Visual Center of Larissa 1997, Alexandria Biennale, Egypt, 1997, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, essaloniki 1998, “In the Countryside,” Leoni- das Beltsios Collection, 2006, “In the Labyrinths of Winds,” Guernica, Spain, 2007, “Land,” Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Benaki Museum, Athens 2007, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki 2008, “Art Policy,” National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens 2010, “New Acquisitions,” National Gallery, Athens 2012, “ReCulture,” Patras 2013, CAMP, Athens 2013, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, essaloniki 2013, IFA Donopoulos, essaloniki 2012, Municipal Art Gallery, Kalamata 2013, “Agora,” Athens Biennale 2013, IFA Donopoulos, essaloniki 2014, “Teachers – Students,” National Gallery, Sifnos Annexe, 2014, Tinos 2014, Art Athina 2014.